Defeated Jaden Smith Tells Dad, Will, That “He Failed Him” During A Video Meltdown!

Fears are growing for Jaden Smith after he filmed an emotional Instagram Live video telling his Oscar-nominated father Will Smith that he “failed” during an epic social media meltdown on Wednesday.

Besides telling his dad that he failed, presumably at life, a heavily-emotional Smith also insisted he was going to leave Los Angeles due to the “bad things there.”

But fans were left feeling slightly annoyed when it was revealed that Jaden’s epic meltdown (which he deleted later) was triggered as he filmed waiting in his luxury car at a Los Angeles-area DMV.

“It’s going to be so funny to tell my dad that I’ve failed straight up,” the 18-year-old Smith said. “I‘m about to move out of L.A. There’s a lot of bad things here. Create the life that you want for yourself.”

”Everybody, follow your heart, you know what I’m saying?” Smith asked his five million Instagram followers. “Do exactly what you want to do, be who you want to be. Don’t try to be somebody else.”

Jaden who is rumored to be dating model Sarah Synder added: “It’s hard these days to really create the life you want for yourself because there’s nobody really here that’s, like, supporting the youth or the youth’s creativity.”

“At the end of 2017, I’m gonna do some dope, some really, really dope, inspirational stuff,” Jaden insisted in the video meltdown. “That’s beyond just music and clothes.”

The socially conscious teen then wondered out loud why cancer researchers or diplomats don’t spend their time on social media. “Nothing about this life makes any sense,” Smith said. “Why aren’t we Instagramming Live about people saving lives?”

The son of actors Will and Jada Smith recently did a photo shoot for Nylon magazine where he was interview saying he champions “non-conforming” people and was pictured modeling womenswear, including a skirt.   

Last photo: Nylon, all other photos: Licenced Getty Images